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ACTUAL performances in Kulttuuritalo Laikku, Studio, Tampere, Finland.



A Body Called Paula.
Solo show in Kulttuuritalo Laikku, Studio, Tampere, Finland.
7.8.-29.8.2021. Program HERE! Welcome <3

A Body Called Paula on pitkäkestoinen serigrafiaa ja liikettä yhdistävä performanssi ja installaatio.

Teos muokkautuu näyttelyn aikana. Tervetuloa seuraamaan.

Performanssit oheisina päivinä klo 13 alkaen. Teosta voi aistia vain hetkisen tai sen kanssa voi viettää aikaa pidempääkin (kesto n. 3h/performanssi):

La 7.8. Light

Su 8.8. Passion

Pe 13.8. Knowledge

La 14.8. Reality

Su 15.8. Darkness




A Body Called Paula - high/low. Marathon performances at Olohuone 306,4 km2 Festival in Martinkirkko, Turku, Finland. 3.-4.6.2021. Program HERE! Exited! Live streaming in festivals Facebook page 3.-4.6.2021 / 14-19h (UTC+3). Link to it HERE!

Paikka: Martinkirkko


3.6. Torstai: Light + Passion klo 14.00 – 19.00

Puhdas paperi odottaa
Paula saapuu
Keltainen – Light 1
Keltainen – Light 2
Punainen – Passion 1
Punainen – Passion 2
Paula postuu
Paperiornamentti kuivuu


4.6. Perjantai: Knowledge + Darkness klo 14.00 – 19.00

Paperiornamentti odottaa
Paula saapuu
Sininen – Knowledge 1
Sininen – Knowledge 2
Musta – Darkness 1
Musta – Darkness 2
Paula poistuu
Valmis ornamentti kuivuu



// A BODY CALLED PAULA // Muhuprint 2020 // A.I Art Farm in Nõmmküla, Muhu Island, Estonia

13.-19.7.2020. Performances will be presented between 14.-18.7.2020. Possibly also live streamed on: www.twich.tv/abodycalledpaula Stay tuned!

// A BODY CALLED PAULA// Art Gallery Naantalin taidehuone by Naantali Museum, Naantali, Finland

Performances are part of the exhibition Sirkku Ketola: MAA ALLA feat. A Body Called Paula, 21.7.-9.8.2020

Performance schedules:

Performances start at 14:00 (duration approx. 3 hours):

Wed 22.7. Light
Sat 25.7. Passion
Sun 26.7. Knowledge
Sat 1.8. Reality
Sun 2.8. Darkness


Art Gallery Naantalin taidehuone

Mannerheimintie 5, Naantali, Finland




Paula is a female name. In Finnish, the word means a ribbon, something to tie or to be enchanted. It is also a synonym for a trap. Globally it is known as a name, originally a Greek word ‘Paulus’, which means small.


The project is a performative installation that mixes screenprinting with performance. Part installation, part performance, A Body Called Paula is a piece that develops over the days of the installation through long-duration performance sessions. With the ethereal soundtrack the movements of the body become a sensual machine. The main themes addressed are time/ temporality, pleasure and the meditative process of working. The narrative story hunts beauty through light to passion, knowledge, reality, and depth to the final balance with darkness.


What is the measure of time? An ornament is a universal form of visual art in every culture. Every individual performance exhibition is part of the long-term project. During the next ten years, Sirkku Ketola will produce hand-printed ribbons around the world which will finally be presented as one massive installation. The photo-based patterns changes in every ornament with the motive that rises from the previous performance place. The project has been seen so far in Toronto, Turku, New York and Helsinki and will be shown soon in several places in Europe.




MAA ALLA feat. A Body Called Paula. Art Gallery Naantalin taidehuone, Museum of Naantali, Naantali, Finland, July 2020

A Body Called Paula. Muhuprint 2020, Association of Estonian Printmakers, Muhu Island, Estonia, July 2020

A Body Called Paula – Elaboration, Circulation. Frans Masereel Centrum, Kasterlee, Belgium , May 2020

A Body Called Paula – La Rituelle en Silence. Telegrafen, Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki, Utö, Finland, January 2020

PARADOX – Biennial Art Future / Future Signs. Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia, September 2019

See Saw Seeds Effect MOI MOI KONNICHIWA. A Body Called Paula. C.A.P. / Kobe Studio Y3, Kobe, Japan, May 2019

Sacré - A Body Called Paula. La Chapella de Notre Dame de Marché, Jodoigne, Belgium, October 2018
RISTEILLÄÄN - Cruising feat. A Body Called Paula. Exit11, Grand-Leez, Belgium, October 2018

What's the Matter feat. A Body Called Paula. RAVI, Liége, Belgium, September 2018

Fabula feat. A Body Called Paula. Gallery Huuto, Helsinki, March 2018

A Body Called Paula, NARS, New York, USA, November 2017

AOmen, Paula vol. 2. Gallery Joella, Turku, Finland, September 2017

Là-bas festival, A Body Called Paula - La Détermination text HERE

Visit also the Image Gallery.

The Essay 'Sirkku Ketola: A Body Called Paula' by Daryl Vocat is linked HERE.

The Exhibition info about the Open Studio, Toronto is HERE.

The Blog article about the Open Studio, Toronto is HERE.

At the moment A Body Called Paula is busy in Latvia, Welcome!

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CODE - Handling-ling

Thinking by hands, handling-ling.

The occupant of wisdom said: Make a square on the ground and wait, life will be visible. Succeed. The other noted: Shhh, you must always be, and go peacefully. That was more challenging, how to advance and pause simultaneously.

The code controls and escapes. Gusto Ardor and Harmony Accord twist. Order and stream alternates, the rhythm is determined by the two.

Sirkku Ketola’s solo exhibition displays some viewpoints of the stream, chosen croppings to parallel understanding and reality. They lift the veil of rationalism and unmask the structures. The photo material used is collected during past years as recorded compositions of beauty of the abrasions of time. The walls of Europe hold meanings. Paris, Brussels and Helsinki, what has happened? The matter recurs in the artworks, it dublicates and mirrors the past to the future. The image of a trance on the wooden wall repeats as a new imprint on wood. The strength of the hand has affected the outcome. The motion goes on through the material changes. The material sets the limits, the wood bends. One can find a code to the past behind the prints. Can you find them?

Sirkku Ketola: Feedback, 2016. Handprinted silkscreen on wood. 81 x 105 cm. Process picture.



SHhh..! Still hearing the whispers of the queen.

One must to be, and go on slowly. And if allowed to rest to regard, one may see. The growth through the stone is strong. I listen to the light without knowledge of its source. And I try to bow, waving in the silence.

Turku Art Museum was the venue of Sirkku Ketola’s first encounter with institutional art and it still holds a kind of sanctity for her. In this space, Ketola will now construct her own sacred story about humanity and her questioning of the code of life.

Mounted in the Studio space, Still hearing the whispers of the queen is an installation made of paper screen-printed manually by Ketola over several years. The material combines physical fragility with a heavy range of colour. The chapel-like structure spreads itself out in front of and around the viewer. The work is a scroll, opened up for reading, from the content of which the viewer selects, forms and interprets segments or details. Each path chosen from among the thousands of possible ones is unique. Instead of supplying answers, Ketola asks: What justifies us to conquer, define and control? The depth whispers in reply. Who has the knowledge?

Sirkku Ketola: Still hearing the whispers of the queen, 2015. Handprinted silkscreen installation on paper. In Turku Art Museum, Turku, Finland. Photo: Vesa Aaltonen

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